Reconstruction and Remodeling Services

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When you call  ADS Flooring and Reconstruction we set up a time that is convenient for you to meet with our team at your home or business when remodeling or reconstructing is needed. When fire damage and water damage happens in your home or business we know how serious the situation is and have the experience that saves you time and money. We also help people  deal with mold problems whether in the basement, attic or bathroom where mold commonly grows.  

ADS Works with Your Insurance


 ADS Flooring and Reconstruction has years of experience and training that helps you rebuild after fire damage and water damage affects your home or business. We work directly with the restoration company, adjuster and insurance agent and carrier; that experience streamlines your claim process and helps make your rebuilding process go even smoother.  

Reconstruction Consultation


 ADS Flooring and Reconstruction can also guide you in the process of choosing the best products that meet your needs. ADS has years of experience and a large selection of flooring products to pick from that will assist in planning a visually appealing design. Our team can also help you create a warm and inviting space with everything from paint to finishes within your home or business.   



  With over 35 years of experience, our staff is trained in all aspects of construction and restoration to help you to rebuild or remodel quickly.  

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ADS Flooring and Reconstruction is completely devoted to ensuring your satisfaction from beginning to end. 

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 Whether you are looking to repair or enhance your property, we can help you with every aspect from the overall look to helping you add value to your property.